Influenza and Coronavirus: two small but deadly presents from the animal kingdom

explored by Dr Colin Butter

Tuesday May 5th 2020, 7:00pm-8.30pm

Venue: Caffe Portico selling tea/coffee/wine/beer and cakes

In the first half of the talk Colin will review the present status of Coronavirus infection in the UK and discuss how this is just the latest in a series of infective incursions from the animal kingdom. The origin of these infections will be explored in the context of environmental and socioeconomic change. After a refreshment break Colin will then showcase some of the work in his own laboratory that seeks to control avian influenza in poultry, a probable source of the next pandemic influenza virus.

Dr Colin Butter

Colin is a Reader in Bioveterinary Science in the College of Science, and is Leader for the BSc Bioveterinary Science Programme.